We make values visible by design.

We’re Cut Once—a focused and highly dedicated design studio that thinks strategically and works comprehensively to solve complex marketing challenges for clients ranging in size from small non-profits to large corporations. Our firm is a creative partner for any organization that wishes to communicate it's value and purpose through rich storytelling and informed design.

In addition to our history and experience with brand development, we are also experts in the design and development of graphic identities, corporate communications, editorial design, product branding and packaging, branded environments, wayfinding systems, and website design.


OUR approach

At Cut Once, we recognize most organizations are unique and therefore, so are their business challenges and market opportunities. We employ rigorous inquiry to gain a thorough understanding of every organization with which we engage. We work closely with our clients to clarify what matters most. Once defined, we craft solutions against that logic. In the end, it’s our collaborative and insightful approach that saves our clients time, money, and effort while fostering a shared vision and lasting partnership.



We offer short-term commitments in the form of consultations and individualized project audits, which are designed to quickly clarify your needs. Contact Greg Bennett at (717) 683-5712 or by email to start the conversation.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Corporate Communications
Editorial Design
Branded Environments
Campaign Development
Photography & Illustration
Retail & Packaging Design
Website Design & Development
Wayfinding & Signage



American Advertising Federation
Art Directors Club
BICeBé (Bolivia)
CASE Editors Forum
CBS News
CIPB (China)
Communication Arts
Golden Bee (Russia)
Good50x70 (Italy)
Lovely Package
SFMOMA (United States)
The Dieline
Vineum Bodensee (Germany)