We work as a creative partner with ambitious leaders who want their brands to become better known and better understood.

At Cut Once, we know individual business growth goals help define the team for any project. For this reason, our project teams are assembled as needed, to bring together the most appropriate skills and insights necessary to deliver the strongest return on investment for our clients. Our structure is scalable to work with organizations of all sizes and projects of any scale.



greg bennett

Founder and President
Cut Once, Inc.

As principal of Cut Once, Greg Bennett brings 20 plus years of strong design leadership to the firm and demonstrates expertise in a variety of the agency’s concepts, practices, and procedures, relying on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Greg embraces clients as partners in the process of developing marketing communications, using their input at every stage of the process to inform and inspire creative ideas, and guide and validate the resulting integrated marketing campaigns. In the end, many successful partnerships have resulted in greater brand awareness and increased revenue, as the firm’s clients will attest.

New project to discuss? We're ready to talk through a customized project scope to fit your budget and schedule. Not sure about the best way to engage? We offer short-term commitments in the form of individualized project audits which allow us to provide expert analysis and identify areas of opportunity to move your brand forward. Contact us at (717) 841-0400 or by email to start the conversation.


John Walker

Digital Marketing Consultant

John brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience to his role as a digital marketing consultant.

John’s background includes stints at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising where he worked on Procter & Gamble’s Ivory Soap brand and developed retail marketing programs for Sara Lee’s Hanes Hosiery brand. In the digital space, John led major digital marketing efforts for DuPont’s STAINMASTER Carpet and for Armstrong World Industries. He and his team also served The Hershey Company as agency-of-record for digital analytics on all of Hershey’s main consumer brands in the U.S. Most recently, John served as digital marketing director at LNP Media Group where he worked with Lancaster County businesses on search engine optimization of websites, geo-targeted digital advertising, email and mobile marketing, and digital advertising at LancasterOnline, LNP’s online news site which has over one million unique visitors per month.   

John is a graduate of Middlebury College where he studied English. He also received a certificate in Strategic Management from Georgetown University and he is certified in Google Analytics.  


sue de pasquale

Editorial Consultant

Sue De Pasquale is an award-winning editor who specializes in fresh strategies for college and university magazines. She has been involved in the creation and/or re-launch of more than a dozen college/university magazines.

During the 12 years she spent as editor of Johns Hopkins Magazine, the magazine won numerous gold medals from CASE for staff writing, best articles, and overall excellence. Currently editor of Hopkins Medicine magazine, Sue also serves as an editorial consultant for a broad variety of colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations.


melissa franko

Brand and Marketing Consultant

Melissa Franko is a brand and marketing professional with 20 years of experience developing strong internal and external brand recognition, leading marketing campaigns, planning and executing advertising, public relations and promotional campaigns to achieve company strategic objectives, as well as managing agency/client relationships.

Varied industry experience from international food brands and chemistry companies to local start-ups and regional electrical contractors. Melissa's specialties range from deep-dive research to fully-integrated campaign development and execution.



Copywriting Consultant

Your best results come from the blending of strong marketing strategy and unique creative strategy. Over the past 30 years, Tierney Sadler has made strategy her primary goal when creating award-winning concepts and copy for agencies and organizations throughout the Washington, DC area. 

Working first in agencies, then in in-house organizations, and then on her own, Ms. Sadler has gained experience in all disciplines of advertising. Capitalizing on strong marketing skills, she has helped garner results for both business-to-business and consumer organizations in fields such as high-tech, financial, education, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, non-profit and many others.


MJ Watkins, IV

Web Development Consultant

As a senior web developer, MJ Watkins utilizes 15 years of experience to work through every facet of building digital projects. This includes websites, web-based applications, and e-mail marketing templates, among other digital marketing projects. His concept through completion ability has allowed him to set up LAMP-stack environments building out front-end components and integrating them with back-end database(s) and content management systems.

MJ’s varied client experience—has not only further enhanced his overall design and development skills, but it has also allowed him to refine his knowledge in the areas of project and process management—from the trending movement towards agile workflows, to setting development standards and managing team capacity and project workflow and timelines. MJ has been involved in every aspect of web/digital projects from concept and wireframe design to launch and release planning.